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Junyi E  was born in Inner Mongolia. Since 2006 year he led a number of technical  team began designing. At that time, most automatic door on the market of products fit low seizure, short life, serious, long and difficult installation, reasonable absorption range, noise, and to reasonable defects, they actively explore and create an accumulated, devote to studying and testing repeatedly, after three years of research, the team finally successful application of " auxiliary door locked device " of the patent. The patent overcomes the defect of the product, is comfortable, quiet and safe. Not only more intelligent, beautiful, but no block.  Products reach the  most of the models . Through repeated calculation over the serviceable life of at least 10 years. The  closed the entire process as a whole is elegant and smooth and natural, can show more elegant and distinguished atmosphere. For current product applications in automotive history, is of epoch-making significance.
After 12 years of studying, through early hard to explore, a collection of manufacturing, trading,IT, finance, automobile background five shareholder,2016 officially named Qingdao Tianchenjiachuang Auto Parts Co.,Ltd, and have been shared the 11 invention patents and scientific research with the world . Meanwhile, first with Porsche, Audi, perfectly matched the Touareg models of JOOTOON products, attracting great concern from the national venture capital as well as from overseas distributors.
Qingdao Tianchenjiachuang Auto Parts Co.,Ltd is one focus assist car doors locked device business. The English name of the product was named JOOTOON, is a transliteration of the JOOTOON, also called " arrogant way ". Since ancient times, the Chinese referred to as descendants of the Dragon, Dragon history in China has a long history throughout the North and South. Legend of Dragon in JOOTOON. Its shaped like a spiral, good close, love peace. Most disgusting others into its Lair, animal head applique holding rings  for its image. Violations to foreign shell always be close, people will be using it on the door, guarding the evil demon. Get " closed " means, for peace. It faithfully, beast often decorated to a hoop on the door or the door of shigu. Product naming JOOTOON, are also trying to make it representative of tianchen every employee's mind, like its meaning, as a patron, protect each and every owner's security, so that all owners to have a pleasant environment to use the car.
 The LOGO for the meshing of two red and blue gear, Blue represents stable, eternal, red for vitality and enthusiasm. It looks like a circle, mean that the safety of our products, and also represents tianchen people the spirit of rigorous scientific research excellence and style. See two herringbone gear, representing the employee solidarity, and common progress of corporate culture. Everybody into a job, also means that we will have the product refinement, excellence, attention to detail, artisan spirit products. The name of the company Tianchenjiachuang, also symbolizes the spirit of innovation and scientific thought Tianchen like the stars of heaven to life and growth in nature.
   Qingdao Tianchenjiachuang Auto Parts Co.,Ltd  with "changed a generation " dreams and professional experience as well as scientific research team, overcome difficulties, and constantly dreams of practicing with made in China, and areas of focus of the Decade in order to "improve human habit" for the business, with creative ideas to interpret car's true meaning, to construct the legendary unswerving integrity. Has now formed a set of automotive parts research and development, production and sales of high-tech enterprise chain, has the advanced production equipment and technology, as well as completely independent intellectual property rights, with the senior management of research and development and manufacturing experience. Is committed to providing customers with a safe, comfortable and healthy experience.


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Junyi E

Tianchenjiachuang GM, with 15 years of automotive background, more than 10 years after the national chain of luxury cars for sale company and more than more than 10 patents for invention.

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Fangyu Cao

Tianchen CFO,30 years experience in financial management, tax planning experience as well as experience in financial affairs 20 head of the accounting firm.

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Yinming Li

Tianchen MD,8 years of marketing management experience, CSO and CUO hands-on experience; Director international exporting company.

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Tianchen CQO, 7 years experience in quality management, has a long-term experience in strategic planning and implementation of quality; head of large projects and build a quality system of quality assessment.

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Yanping Zhang

Tianchen HRD,16 years experience in human resource management, team building and training experience, type VP Research and development, production and manufacturing.

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Tianchen CTO,7 years of research and development systems project leader, SE and CDO hands-on experience. Senior management of the State-owned enterprise information technology.










  • 2016

    March 2016 officially named Qingdao days e auto parts co, and have been shared with the world the 11 invention patents and scientific research. Meanwhile, first with Porsche, Audi, perfectly matched the Touareg models of JOOTOON products.

  • 2015

    company formation preparing shareholder raised 
    through early hard to explore, a collection of manufacturing, trading, IT, finance, automobile background five shareholder investment.



Our values

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    The good faith

    Integrity, honesty, honest style, a good reputation is the Tianchen people in the industry based on the development of the fundamental.

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    Constant pursuit of innovation in technology, product innovation and management, continuous innovation and support sustainable development of the enterprises.

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    Areas of concentration focus on professional car soft close system is our rising success in the fierce market competition tips.

Enterprise Commitment

Commitment to the people in the world: continue to provide users with quality products, environmental awareness, in the area acts as a safe and reliable car soft close system of professional health service provider role to promote improvement in human living habits. We create is first home pursues "three years unconditional warranty" commitment of enterprise, headquarters is located in Shandong peninsula blue economic zone planning core regional leading city, "East Swiss"-Qingdao, days e better create has been will "change humanity of life habits" as we of creed, concern user, concern user of needs and experience sense; concern employees, concern employees of growth and respect they of value; concern social, moments alert with for social made contribution. "Building car door AOS professional brand" as the vision; to standardization for credo ventures. Application of science, technology and cooperation to cope with global challenges, and to improve their lives.

Environmental sustainable development

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AS global citizens, through innovation in the business process and the land, the more efficient use of energy, raw materials and packaging materials, to protect the Earth's natural resources.   We always maintain social concern and high sense of social responsibility. Ways of energy saving and emission reduction is one of the concept design in green from the beginning. We are committed to the use of light materials to reduce space while enhancing features. By optimizing the system structure, we can make products than with reducing the weight of 1 to 3 kg in order to achieve lower energy consumption and CO2 emissions targets. Create always define the latest technological feasibility boundaries. Car lighter weight means less carbon dioxide emissions. R staff continued to systematically pursue environmentally friendly product solutions. Meanwhile, they are committed to reduce the weight of car door locks and driver by optimizing product structure, choose the best lightweight materials, sustainable product design. Also includes the concept of resource-saving production and logistics concept. In addition, the specificity of products, we have developed for the auto repair market replaced the old lock blocks the recycling program. To this end, we set up a "first Angel" project group, can help us to complete the recovery plan customers, we will provide Angel Fund Award. To reduce our carbon footprint, climate change. Integrated resources, complement national policies and actions to realize common development of people and the environment.

Sustainable development of talents

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By joining Tianchenjiachuang, a professional team, to influence and change the lifestyle of people around the world. We will explore how to enhance cooperation with creativity to design innovative products, services and experiences through promoting inclusive environments, respect and accept both a dynamic and diverse team of employees so that they maximize their potential. E company, an advocate of equal employment opportunity and act on the implementation of the employer. Regardless of gender, race, class and whether persons with disabilities, has a fair chance to join e. For we has started has 2017 years of campus recruitment plans and as a items long-term plans implemented; we is committed to for we of team provides upgrade skills and capacity of work opportunities and practice experience; carried out from front employees to senior management layer of levels training, to ensure employees has achieved performance target by needed of knowledge and skills; with company of constantly growth, we need constantly to employed new, reserves excellent talent, and development we of led team, Build a staff of talented and has a diverse background. Employees are our most valuable resource, so we started the year 2017 young talent program; building a good working environment where employees are willing to devote themselves to work, participate actively and take the initiative to drive earnings growth, space for them to display their talents. Tianchen steam staff of aggressive, relentless hard work made the company achievements, believe that employees are the most valuable asset of the company, is the source of innovation.

Production Base

Qingdao has been the corporate headquarters and the centre of global operations since the company was founded. And main manufacturing strong province in the country to set up our production base, develop and optimize our business throughout the country. Now and in the future, we're all going to be a soft shutdown system technology leader. Tianchen jia jia's auxiliary car door lock system will be able to apply to all vehicles worldwide, thereby altering future human life habits.

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