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Adaptive models


Installation Instructions

  • Install store selection

    Confirm the installation steps and installation manual, if not sure how to install you can contact tianchen headquarters customer service, tianchen engineering guide telephone installation method.

  • Precautions before installation

    Users can choose the nearest service dealer, just call the national service hotline, headquarters can be based on the location of the user, for the customer to choose the nearest service dealer.

  • The installation process

    The installation processechnical installation problems during installation, technicians will not solve, please contact with headquarters immediately telephone customer service, the headquarters will arrange professional senior technician telephone communication guidance in a timely manner.

  • After installation

    In the installation process, the installation of technical problems, technicians can not solve the call immediately contact the headquarters of customer service, the headquarters will arrange professional senior technicians timely telephone communication guidance

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Instructions for use: when you close the door, you only need to push the door gently. In order to avoid injury, every time you close the door, you should pay attention to it.

Quality assurance policy

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The quality assurance contents note
Exterior surface minor scratches, stains do not belong to the quality issues.  Users can enjoy a three-year warranty, key spare parts replaced or repaired free of charge within three years. Following circumstances, refuse to provide warranty: due to improper use, maintenance due to damage to the product. Because of damage, collision damage. Due to improper installation, or installation does not meet the standard as a result of damage to the product. Warranty: user needs to send the damaged product, product packaging to be equipped.

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    After-sales service

    With 400 phone calls in the country online, professional technical teams can answer users' questions about the product at any time.

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    Product training

    More than 10 professional senior engineer to provide professional product training services to ensure that the sales outlets are familiar with the installation skills and methods.

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    Service Network

    Services, distribution outlets throughout the country, just dial 400 phone, anytime, anywhere to enjoy free technical support services.

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    China Pacific insurance underwriting product liability insurance, the maximum degree of protection of the interests of users, so that users feel at ease, anytime, anywhere enjoy JOOTOON.

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